Pres. no. Presentation name Presenter File
Final Conference Agenda pdf
1 Public transport services with wearable devicesfor different mobility types Ingrid Nagel pdf
2 What do users of wearable devices need? – A qualitative study Daniel Bell pdf
3 Analysis of the impact of technological interventions on mobility patterns Thomas Blondiau pdf
4 WienMobil and Upstream GmbH
Shaping public availabel transport in Vienna
Anna Mayerthaler pdf
5 Challenges and needs in launching and maintaining the mobility service AnachB Klaus Heimbuchner pdf
6 Intermodal Routing with Ariadne Markus Straub pdf
7 Insights on inter- and multimodal mobility from trip records collected with the “Guide2Wear Tracking-App” Helga Jonuschat pdf
8 What do lead users think about intermodal mobility services and PT? Christoph Link pdf
9 The perception of public transport – a before and after study Sonja Forward pdf
10 How to design the human machine
interface of smart-watches
Gari Araloaza pdf
11 The Guide2Wear-App prototype for Smart Watches Steffen Hiekel pdf